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There can't be anything more exciting than watching a divinely orchestrated plan come together...especially one that you had no idea was even in the making! That's what the past few months have been like for me (Harrison).

I love what I get to do. I help non-profits with strategy and finance. And with your support, I get to do most of it for no charge. The last few months I've been working with two different non-profits: one that has a passion for bringing hope to families with special needs, the other for bringing hope to the Middle East.

One day the founders of these two organizations were in the same city and I happened to introduce them to each-other. The next thing I knew, the three of us were in the Middle East scoping out locations for three Champions Clubs that will help meet the developmental needs of children with special needs. Wow!

As we continue to help both of these organizations with strategic planning, a unique opportunity presents itself to help them financially as well. For the next few months, our project will be to raise $75,000 needed to get the these three clubs in the Middle East up and running. Let's get going!
This Summer we are highlighting a special giving opportunity that will allow us to pool our resources for maximum impact. For the next few months, our special project is launching three Champions Clubs in the Middle East!

Champions Clubs are specially designed developmental areas for kids, youth, and adults with special needs. They meet the developmental needs of those with special needs in four important ways: SPIRITUALLY, INTELLECTUALLY, MENTALLY, and PHYSICALLY.

In the Middle East, it is especially difficult for those children and families with special needs. They are often shunned by their own community...complete outcasts. Maximizing the synergy between our partners in the Middle East and Champions Club allows a unique opportunity for us to bring the hope of the Gospel to some of the most forgotten people on the planet.

This is going to be quite an undertaking ($75,000), but the impact will be huge! 

About a month ago, a generous donor stepped up to lead the way with a $25,000 gift, fully funding the first club. Then, another group of donors kept the momentum going, funding the 2nd club in just under a month! I know we can keep building on this momentum and raise the additional money so we can launch these clubs this summer!
$50,135 (of $75,000)
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